Policy for Scientific Data

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Relevant legislation

Related DFO Policies

Related Treasury Board Policies

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For further information on this policy or on accessing scientific Data please contact:
Director, Integrated Science Data Management Service
W082, 12th Floor, 200 Kent St.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0E6
(Tel) 613-990-0265
(Fax) 613-993-4658
Email: isdm-gdsi@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Annex 1: Data Types

Some Data Types Covered Under the Management Policy of DFO Scientific Data

  1. Physical oceanographic Data
  2. Hydrological Data (e.g. flow volumes of streams and rivers)
  3. Meteorological Data
  4. Biological oceanographic Data
  5. Marine chemistry Data
  6. Contaminants Data
  7. Fisheries Data
  8. Biological Data (from commercial catch sampling, trawl and acoustic surveys, sentinel fisheries and industry surveys, science logbooks, etc.)
  9. Field and lab Data in support of stock assessments
  10. Fish health Data
  11. Freshwater and marine habitat Data
  12. Freshwater biological Data
  13. Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) Data
  14. Data collected by the Canadian Hydrographic Service, subject to CHS agreements and operational practices.
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