Plankton productivity

Data, studies and research reports from Canadian ocean monitoring programs and databases.


  • Ian Perry (Head - Plankton Ecologist)
  • Angelica Peña (Phytoplankton Ecologist)
  • Doug Yelland (Multidisciplinary Oceanographer)
  • Moira Galbraith (Zooplankton Taxonomist)
  • Timothy Parsons (Professor Emeritus, UBC)
  • Carol Lalli (Honorary Research Scientist, UBC)
  • Lou Hobson (Honorary Research Scientist, UVic)
  • Linda White (Contractor)

Services and information

Cruise Reports

Research missions involving plankton productivity.


How scientists use acoustics to measure populations of krill in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

Zooplankton Laboratory

Examples of the zooplankton commonly found in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

Monitoring Krill populations

Net sampling and bioacoustics are often used to locate large groups of tiny animals called krill. Find out what these tiny animals teach us about ocean health.


How phytoplankton contributes to the spread of red tide and how to avoid contaminated shellfish.

Pacific Region Zooplankton Database

Database of species records from oceanographic sampling stations.

Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory

How sampling gear helps scientists gather data.

Zooplankton Taxonomy

View two word-based charts that illustrate connections between zooplankton species.

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