Ocean, lakes and water nutrients

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Programme (AZMP)

Access data, studies and products pertaining to the Atlantic Zone. Includes biological, chemical and physical data on such aspects as nutrients, salinity and weather.

Atlantic Zone Off-Shelf Monitoring Program (AZOMP)

Access data and products on the continental slope and deeper waters of the North West Atlantic. Includes physical, chemical and biological oceanographic observations used to monitor variability in the ocean climate affecting ecosystems as well as the regional and global climate.

Biological and chemical database (BioChem)

Database of biological and chemical marine environmental sample measurements.

Line P data

About the program and lists of stations, historical data and publications.

Oceanographic databases

Access a number of databases (such as BioChem and Hydrographic Climate) maintained by Ocean Sciences at the Bedford Institute. Includes information on North West Atlantic temperature-salinity, sea-surface temperature from satellites, monthly statistics of ocean currents and other moored instruments, and daily temperature observations from coastal thermographs.

Oceanographic data management system

Search ocean profile data of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence . Includes measurements of water temperature, salinity, currents, pressure, plankton, dissolved oxygen and fluorescence.

Oceanographic activities

Observations that inform climate models for risk management and fisheries resources.

Water properties profiles in British Columbia

Search and find information about water properties profiles within British Columbia.

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