Science by Topic

Aquaculture science and research

Science and research play a key role in aquaculture sustainability and disease management. Learn about our collaborative and regulatory research programs, find research by species, access results of peer reviewed science on the topic, and read the R&D review.

Aquatic ecosystem science

Information on how this science supports human activities undertaken in the same areas such as fishing, aquaculture, transportation, and oil and gas exploration.

Aquatic Animal Health Science

Marine health programs for wild and farmed species, and scientific research on pathogens and parasites.

Aquatic species

Find information and data on aquatic species, including aquatic invasive species. Access interactive maps, plankton research and data from the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS).

Aquatic Biotechnology and Genomics Program

Learn about this program whose aim is to assess the environmental and human health safety of living aquatic organism products issued from biotechnology. Includes information on the use of tools and techniques that improve Canada’s ability to manage and protect its fisheries resources.


Learn about this applied science which deals with the measurement and description of the depths, tides, currents and physical features of the navigable waters and adjoining coastal areas, with special reference to their use for the purpose of safe navigation.

Marine Contaminants

Includes information and research about marine contaminants, such as dioxin and PCBs. Access data from the National Contaminants Information System (NCIS) and the Biological and Chemical database (BioChem).

Sea ice studies

Access research on sea ice studies for Labrador and Newfoundland, Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and the Beaufort Sea. Includes sea ice projects, instruments, data, publications, photo gallery and contact information.

Oceanography and scientific data

Includes research and data on temperatures, salinity, tides, water levels and more collected through lighthouses, ferries, Coast Guard ships and other data collection points.

Oceans Climate and Weather

Oceanography and productivity research provides the foundation for assessing the effect of changes in ocean conditions on fish stocks, fish habitat and marine activities. Includes examination of sea surface temperatures, ocean waves, acoustics, remote sensing; El Niño conditions and forecasting; as well as plankton and fish productivity assessments.

Ocean monitoring

Get information on Canadian ocean monitoring programs, wave and weather data and satellite imagery. Search for ocean profile data, including sea-surface temperatures, temperature-salinity profiles and ocean currents.

Tides, currents and water levels

Find information and data about tides, currents, and water levels in Canada. Includes predicted times and heights of high and low waters and hourly water levels.

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