Ocean, lakes and water data

Code List

Search a list of data codes and their descriptions.

Dictionary of Oceanographic Codes (Standards)

Search for oceanographic codes and their meanings.

Interactive Maps and Web Mapping Services

Search a selection of interactive maps, such as tidal water fishing areas for sportfishing in British Columbia and tide currents and water levels in Canada. Access fish and fish habitat map information in British Columbia, Yukon Territory and the Canadian pacific offshore area.

Line P Data

Find information on the Line P program. Includes a list of stations, historical data and publications.

Water properties profiles in British Columbia

Search and find information about water properties profiles within British Columbia.

Moorings data from British Columbia

Search the Institute of Ocean Sciences inventory for data from moored instrumentation in waters around British Columbia. Data includes information on water temperature, currents, waves and salinity.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)

Search the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) to find data on marine species, such as key biodiversity locations and ecological patterns.

Ocean science

Learn about what is being done in Canada to understand aquatic climate change impacts and emerging risks. Includes research on the impacts of climate change and the development of adaptation tools and technologies.

Oceanographic databases

Access a number of databases (such as BioChem and Hydrographic Climate) maintained by Ocean Sciences at the Bedford Institute. Includes information on North West Atlantic temperature-salinity, sea-surface temperature from satellites, monthly statistics of ocean currents and other moored instruments, and daily temperature observations from coastal thermographs.

Oceanographic Data Management System

Search ocean profile data of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence . Includes measurements of water temperature, salinity, currents, pressure, plankton, dissolved oxygen and fluorescence.

Ocean Profiles

Search and request physical, chemical and biological oceanographic data from several national and international programmes.

Oceanographic activities

Observations that inform climate models for risk management and fisheries resources.

On-Line Scientific Buoys

Search oceanographic data collected at 19 fixed stations throughout the St. Lawrence since 1993.

Remote Sensing

Satellite remote sensing of oceans surrounding Canada and data on sea surface temperatures.

Plankton Productivity

Find information, images and data on zooplankton. Includes information on phytoplankton, instruments used to measure ocean properties and research reports.

Range profiles for British Columbian waters

Search and find historical statistics on seasonal temperatures and salinity in British Columbian waters.

Satellite Imagery

Search the Institute of Ocean Science data archives for satellite images from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer, SeaWiFS and Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer.

Sea ice studies

Access research on sea ice studies for Labrador and Newfoundland, Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and the Beaufort Sea. Includes sea ice projects, instruments, data, publications, photo gallery and contact information.

Gulf of Alaska sea surface temperature and salinity

Access data on the sea surface temperature in the Gulf of Alaska. Includes data on contour plots of the North East Pacific surface temperatures and anomalies.

Data standards

Includes information on oceanographic data management, exchange and taxonomic standards, code tables and quality control procedures.

Waves and other Moored Marine Buoy Observation

Access research, reports and publications on wave and marine buoy data in Canadian waters.

WebDrogue Drift Prediction Model

Learn how to use the drift prediction tool to access data sets.

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