Office of Partnership and Collaboration


By working on common research priorities, Fisheries and Oceans Canada can build on the knowledge generated by our partners so that, together, we can help ensure our oceans and freshwater stay healthy and sustainable for future generations.

DFO’s new Office of Partnership and Collaboration (OPC) works with Canada’s scientific community to:

  • improve the development and application of science-based information and advice;
  • strengthen Canada’s leadership standing in terms of ocean and freshwater science; and
  • build networks for partnering and collaboration.

Part of the OPC’s role is to manage a new $5 million Partnership Fund that supports collaborative scientific initiatives undertaken with partner organizations. Currently, the OPC is engaging with members of the larger scientific community and other aquatic science stakeholders to explore ways to share knowledge, expertise and infrastructure in support of:

  • science data collection, integration, and access;
  • ocean and freshwater monitoring;
  • science that furthers ocean literacy; and
  • managing, conserving and promoting our ocean and freshwater resources.

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