Centre for Ocean Model Development for Applications (COMDA)

A National Virtual Centre of Expertise in DFO

The mandate of DFO's virtual Centre for Ocean Model Development for Applications is to provide national leadership, coordination and advice in areas of ocean model development and application that are departmental priorities.

COMDA is hosted by DFO Maritimes Region at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, but includes participants from DFO research labs in all regions and collaborative projects with other agencies and organizations.

COMDA Projects

COMDA will be leading and assisting in the development and execution of scientific projects that contribute to DFO's three Strategic Themes, its 5-Year Research Plan, and Government of Canada programs of relevance to DFO priority issues. The initial major projects in COMDA include:

Canadian Operational Network for Coupled Environmental Prediction Systems (CONCEPTS)
A collaborative initiative with Environment Canada, Department of National Defence, French Mercator-Ocean and Canadian academia for the development of an operational coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean assimilation and prediction capability for Canada.
Canadian Network of Operational Oceanography Systems (CANOOS)
Development of a seamless set of operational oceanography systems for Canada, in conjunction with monitoring and other observational programs, and building on existing capabilities and new opportunities arising through CONCEPTS and other programs.
Canada-Newfoundland Operational Ocean Forecasting System (C-NOOFS)
Development of a demo ocean forecasting capability for the NorthWest Atlantic in collaboration with CONCEPTS and as a component of CANOOS, including larger-scale ocean forcing from Mercator-Ocean, atmospheric forcing from the Canadian Meteorological Centre and ocean data assimilation.
COMDA Computer Network
A national network of computer infrastructure in DFO for ocean model development, application and dissemination of products, including high-speed networking among DFO labs and primary COMDA partners, centralized high-performance computing and data storage, and Web Map Serving capabilities. This network will complement external computer resources available partnership projects such as CONCEPTS.

Scientific Steering Committee and Working Groups

COMDA Scientific Steering Committee

The COMDA coordination and governance structure are still under development. The members of the interim Scientific Steering Committee are:

  • Dr. Joel Chasse (Co-Chairs), Gulf Fisheries Centre
  • Dr. Fraser Davidson (Co-Chairs), Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre
  • Dr. Mike Foreman, Institute of Ocean Sciences
  • Dr. Denis Lefaivre, Institut Maurice Lamontagne

COMDA Working Groups

COMDA has working groups that provide project leadership, coordinated planning and scoping, and advice in key areas. Leaders and co-leaders are indicated below.

Participating Laboratories and Collaborating Agencies

DFO Laboratories Participating in COMDA

  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography - Dartmouth, NS
  • Freshwater Institute - Winnipeg, MB
  • Gulf Fisheries Center - Moncton, NB
  • Institut Maurice-Lamontagne - Mont Joli, PQ
  • Institute of Ocean Sciences - Patricia Bay, BC
  • Integrated Science Data Management - Ottawa, ON
  • Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre - St. John's, NL
  • St. Andrew's Biological Station - St. Andrew's, NB

Collaborating, Partnering or Supporting Organizations

  • Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate, Environment Canada
  • Aviation and Defence Services Branch, MSC, Environment Canada
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Canadian Ice Service, Environment Canada
  • Canadian Meteorological Centre, Environment Canada
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Centre for Marine Environmental Prediction, Dalhousie University
  • Department of National Defence
  • Geoscience for Ocean Management Program, Natural Resources Canada
  • Mercator-Ocean
  • Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada
  • Program for Energy Research and Development, Natural Resources Canada

For further information, please contact: Dr. Brenda Topliss, COMDA Director (902) 426-8232; toplissb@mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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