Haplosporidium (=Minchinia) armoricana of Flat Oysters


Category 1 (Not Reported in Canada)

Common, generally accepted names of the organism or disease agent

Minchinia armoricana, European oyster minchiniasis, Haplosporidian disease of flat oysters.

Scientific name or taxonomic affiliation

Haplosporidium (=Minchinia) armoricana as revised by Azevado et al. 1999.

Geographic distribution

Brittany and Arcachon, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Haplosporidian plasmodia have also been reported in Olympia oysters from Oregon, USA that were imported from California (Mix and Sprague 1974).

Host species

Ostrea edulis and Ostrea angasi. Possibly also in Olympia oysters, Ostrea conchaphila (=lurida).

Impact on the host

Infected oysters are thin and watery in appearance and have a characteristic brownish colour caused by masses of spores in the connective tissues. Although the disease is fatal, the prevalence of infection to date has been low (less than 1%) with insignificant impact on the flat oyster culture industry in Europe. However, an acclimatization experiment with O. angasi in France indicated that this introduced species of oyster was exceptionally sensitive to infection (Bougrier et al. 1986).

Diagnostic techniques

Wet Mounts: At opposite ends of the spore are two characteristic long (70-100 µm) projections of the outer spore wall (especially evident in interference light microscopy).

Histology: The connective tissue of infected flat oysters contains plasmodia (17-25 µm in diameter), sporonts (30-45 µm), and sporocysts (35-50 µm) containing 100-150 spores (5.0-5.5 x 4.0-4.5 µm).

Electron microscopy: The spores are ellipsoid (about 5.0 µm long and 3.1 µm wide) with an operculum and ornamented with two long episomal cytoplasm extensions (about 130 µm long and 25 nm thick) attached eccentrically at opposite sides of the spore wall by a bundle of 9 to 13 cylindrical fibers. The nature of the spore ornamentation indicated that this parasite belongs in the genus Haplosporidium and not Minchinia (Azevado et al. 1999).

Methods of control

No known methods of prevention or control.


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