Larval Bacterial Necrosis of Freshwater Shrimp


Category 3 (Host Not in Canada)

Common, generally accepted names of the organism or disease agent

Bacterial necrosis of Macrobrachium larvae.

Scientific name or taxonomic affiliation

Unknown, probably involves several genera of bacteria (i.e. Leucothrix spp., Vibrio harveyi, non-filamentous bacilli and cocci).

Geographic distribution

Culture operations in French Polynesia and Thailand.

Host species

Macrobrachium rosenbergii, freshwater shrimp.

Impact on the host

Necrosis of appendages, particularly the antennae and abdominal appendages. The bacteria can be localized but if the infection becomes systemic, it will be fatal.

Diagnostic techniques

Histology: Microscopic examination for bacterial colonization and necrosis of appendages.

Methods of control

Avoid overcrowding, sudden temperature changes; reduce stress.


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Citation Information

Bower, S.M., McGladdery, S.E., Price, I.M. (1994): Synopsis of Infectious Diseases and Parasites of Commercially Exploited Shellfish: Larval Bacterial Necrosis of Freshwater Shrimp.

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