National Harbour Authority Advisory Committee (NHAAC)

The National Harbour Authority Advisory Committee (NHAAC) provides advice to Small Craft Harbours (SCH) on Harbour Authority matters of national interest related to small craft harbours. The NHAAC consists of three Harbour Authority representatives and one alternate member from each region, who are appointed by their Regional Harbour Authority Advisory Council (RHAAC). Meetings are co-chaired by the NHAAC Chairperson and the Director General of SCH and are held twice a year, alternating between a regional location and Ottawa.

In addition to sharing concerns and ideas with SCH, the representatives exchange information and success stories, resulting in a strong national network.

More About the NHAAC

Terms of Reference
The guiding principles and purpose of the NHAAC.

Records of Discussion
Summary of the discussions that took place and during previous NHAAC meetings.

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