Small Craft Harbour Maps

Map of Harbours – Prince Edward Island - Core Fishing Harbours

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Core Fishing Harbours: Harbours that are critical to the fishing and aquaculture industries and that are managed, or will be managed, by Harbour Authorities

Non-Core Fishing Harbours: Harbours that support the fishing and aquaculture industries but are not managed by Harbour Authorities

Recreational Harbours: Harbours that support the recreational community

All Harbours: A combined view of all harbours

Individual Marker Legend
Core Fishing Harbour icon Core Fishing Harbours Non-Core Fishing Harbour icon Non-Core Fishing Harbours Recreational Harbour icon Recreational Harbours

Cluster Legend
2 to 9 harbours marker 2 to 9 harbours 10 to 99 harbours marker 10 to 99 harbours 100 to 999 harbours marker 100 to 999 harbours