Small Craft Harbours

Includes: the Small Craft Harbours program; list and map of harbours and harbour authorities; tools, forms, and manuals for harbour authorities.

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Services and information

About Small Craft Harbours

Read about the nationwide program that operates and maintains harbours critical to the fishing industry.

About Harbour Authorities

The Harbour Authorities Program and its advisory committee, recognition program, reports and FAQ.

Lists of Harbours and Harbour Authorities

Find national and provincial harbours and harbour authorities, contact details and aerial photos.

Tools for Harbour Authorities

Consult the Harbour Authority Manual, bulletin and forum for help with tasks related to harbour operations.

SCH Harbour Maps

Use interactive maps to locate recreational, core fishing and non-core fishing harbours in Canada.

Handling abandoned boats and wrecks

Dangers of boats that are abandoned or wrecked, and funding to remove and dispose of them.

What we are doing

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