Vessels and Landing Sites

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for the regulatory oversight of all stages of production of exported fish. It is the responsibility of all parties along the fish production chain to ensure the fish are harvested, handled, processed, stored and transported under sanitary conditions. To raise awareness and promote compliance, CFIA publishes information to help everyone involved with the production of fish to meet these requirements.

All fishing vessel operators are responsible for meeting the “Requirements for Vessels Used for Fishing or Transporting Fish” described in Schedule III of the Fish Inspection Regulations (FIR). Persons using or operating landing sites are responsible to meet the “Requirements for Conveyances and Equipment Used for Unloading, Handling, Holding and Transporting Fresh Fish” as described in Schedule V of the FIR. There are updated compliance guidelines for industry regarding the requirements set out by Schedules III and V of the FIR available on the CFIA website in the Facilities Inspection Manual:

The actions taken by vessel operators, landing sites users and registered establishments together provide an appropriate level of protection across the entire fish production chain, allowing the CFIA to continue to issue export certificates for Canadian products produced for international trade.

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