Nominate someone for an Individual Commitment Distinction Award

This award recognizes individuals who have shown extraordinary dedication to the ongoing success of their harbours. It also acknowledges those who have made a significant contribution towards harbour authority operations over the years.

Who is eligible for this service

All harbour authority volunteers and employees involved in managing small craft harbours within a region are eligible for this award.

Small Craft Harbours program employees are not eligible.

Selection criteria

Your nomination must be an individual who has:

  • been involved in harbour authority management and/or operations of one or more small craft harbours
  • led a project at their harbour that contributed to the promotion, advancement and success of harbour authorities
  • engaged and worked effectively with their harbour peers, harbour users, their community and Small Craft Harbour program staff

What you need before you start

You may nominate candidates for the award if you're a:

  • part of a harbour authority
  • harbour manager or supervisor
  • Small Craft Harbours program regional employee
  • member of the Regional Harbour Authority Advisory Committee

Download the form

Ways to nominate

Submit your nomination in person, by fax or by email to your regional office.

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