Supporting Documents

In addition to the specific 10 steps of the Framework for Addressing and Managing Aquatic Contaminated Sites Under the FCSAP, you can access the supporting documentation in one place. The intent of the internal supporting documents is to provide guidance to agencies involved with FCSAP sites. This is not a complete list but it will be updated as supporting documents become available. Please note that certain items are external to DFO, and as such may require payment to use.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Federal Contaminated Sites

FCSAP Interdepartmental Data Exchange Application (IDEA)

NB: Access to the IDEA is restricted to the expert support departments (Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada, and Public Works and Government Services Canada) and custodians. The documents listed below are accessible under the “Document Library” section when logged in at and are a selection of those available.

  • Eligible Costs Guidance Document - V.4.1
  • FCSAP Aquatic Sites Classification System
  • FCSAP Guidance Manual 2008 (revised 2009)
  • FCSAP Site Closure Tool & Guidance
  • FCSI Mini-Guide and FCSI Data Integrity Error Guide
  • Federal Interim Groundwater Quality Guidelines
  • Long-Term Monitoring Planning Guidance 2013
  • Manual on the Selection of Technologies and Methods for the Remediation of Contaminated Materials and Sites
  • Program Management Funding - Eligible Activities and Costs
  • Revised NCSCS Guidance and Worksheets
  • Risk Assessment and Public Involvement at Contaminated Sites


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Other sites

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)