Canada's Oceans Strategy

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Canada's Oceans Strategy is the Government of Canada's policy statement for the management of estuarine coastal and marine ecosystems. Based on the authority and direction set out in the Oceans Act, the Strategy has been informed by experience with integrated management planning and marine protected areas, a range of discussions and consultations with oceans stakeholders over the past four years, and emerging experience in oceans policy and oceans management in the international community.

National in scope, Canada's Oceans Strategy sets out the new policy direction for modern ocean management.

The Strategy will be further refined and implemented by the Government of Canada in collaboration with provincial and territorial governments; affected Aboriginal organizations and communities (including those bodies established under land claims agreements); ocean industries such as fishing, shipping and oil and gas interests; environmental organizations and non-governmental organizations; coastal communities; and other Canadians or organizations with an interest in its development or implementation. These are the partners involved in managing Canada's oceans.

This document outlines the policy framework for Canada's Oceans Strategy and seeks to:

  • Establish the context in which Canada's Oceans Strategy is being developed and implemented;
  • Set out the framework of a new modern approach to oceans management for the 21st century;
  • Describe the strategic approach that will be used to achieve the policy objectives; and
  • Set out a series of federal activities that support the Strategy.
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