Coastal Restoration Fund

The Coastal Restoration Fund is part of the national Oceans Protection Plan, launched on November 7, 2016. The fund will provide $75 million over 5 years to support projects that help to restore coastal aquatic habitats.


The fund will address threats to marine habitats and species located on Canada’s coasts and support the:

  • establishment of coastal restoration plans
  • identification of restoration priorities
  • implementation of coastal restoration projects

It will also help to:

  • engage Indigenous and community groups in undertaking:
    • planning
    • restoration
    • capacity building
    • monitoring
    • reporting activities
  • mitigate stressors affecting aquatic habitats and marine life

Expected outcomes

The fund is expected to provide opportunities for participants to:

  • contribute to the design and delivery of coastal restoration projects
  • promote economic opportunities
  • address threats to marine life
  • enhance marine and coastal habitats

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