Pacific region

To report suspicious fishing activity or habitat violations, please contact the nearest Fisheries and Oceans Canada office, email us at, or call the 24-hour, toll-free "Observe, Record Report line" at  1-800-465-4336.

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Acronyms of Legislations/Regulations
Pacific region convictions under the Fisheries Act
Name and Place of Residence Charge Information (Section & Description) Species Penalties, Forfeitures, Prohibitions or Orders Dates of Conviction
C-FIN Fishing LTD June 24 - August 30, 2017
Fail to comply with COL - s.22(7) of the F(G)R
Fail to retain and deliver salmon heads upon landing catch
Area F Chinook Salmon
Troll Fishery
$500 court fine
$7,000 s.79(2) court order