Canada's expertise in preventing illegal fishing sought as model for developing countries at global enforcement workshop

In February 2014, DFO representatives participated in the 2014 Global Fisheries Enforcement Workshop hosted by the International Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Network in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Sponsored in part by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the fourth biennial workshop built on the momentum of the past three to further curb illegal fishing around the world.

Canadian and U.S. Coast Guards combine forces in international effort against illegal fishing.

Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing not only takes a very significant toll on the ecosystem, it robs billions of dollars from the global economy. This obviously impacts many countries, not the least of them developing countries – many of which rely heavily on the fishery.

Appreciating the significant costs of fish piracy, many developing countries are now taking a more responsible approach and are turning to Canada for additional guidance. Having  made great strides in combatting these highly destructive and illegal practices, Canada is recognized as a leader in the field and is honoured to be able to share some of its experience and expertise.

Case in point: Canada recently helped sponsor the Fourth Annual Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop.  Representatives from Fisheries and Oceans Canada were also invited to lead some of the discussions to help better equip and support developing countries in illegal fishing activities.

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