Let’s talk fish habitat

Reviewing the protection provisions of the Fisheries Act

From building a dock at the cottage to building a large dam, the projects and activities we undertake near or in water can harm fish and their environment. Do fish and their habitat matter to you or your livelihood? Are we doing enough or too little to protect fish and where they live? How do we balance the need to grow our economy with protecting this important resource for future generations?

The Government of Canada is reviewing recent changes to the Fisheries Act to ensure our protection measures are the right ones.


Let's Talk Fish Habitat

The Government of Canada sought Canadian’s views on restoring lost protections and incorporating modern safeguards. The consultation is now closed, but you can still read the great ideas that were shared!

Parliamentary committee

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans is leading the review of recent changes to the Fisheries Act.

Threats to fish and fish habitat

Many factors pose a threat including habitat degradation and loss, water flow alteration, pollution and invasive species.

Protection provisions of the Fisheries Act

The habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act before and after the 2012-2013 amendments.

Fisheries Protection Program

Federal program responsible for reviewing and authorizing projects in or near water that may affect fish and their habitat.

Review of environmental and regulatory processes

Participate in other consultations related to the Government of Canada's broad review of environmental and regulatory processes.

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