Seals and sealing

Get facts and data on Canada’s seal harvest and learn about the six species of seals.

Services and information

Identify a species

Learn about the six species of seals in Canada, from their feeding habits and impact on the ecosystem, to their population trends and lifespans.

Current management decision

Get the annual TAC decision for the Atlantic seal harvest.

Managing the seal harvest

Learn how the seal harvest is managed to be safe, sustainable and humane. Learn who can participate in the harvest when and where.

Monitoring the seal harvest

Learn how the seal harvest is tightly regulated, closely monitored and strictly enforced.

Ensuring the seal harvest is humane

Learn about Canada’s well-established humane harvesting practices and the three-step process for harvesting seals.

Certification and Market Access Program for Seals

Learn about how Canada is supporting Indigenous and commercial sealing stakeholders to access new markets.

The importance of the seal harvest

Learn about the economic, social and cultural importance of the seal harvest to Canada.

Statistics on the seal harvest

Get various statistics on the seal harvest such as the number of licences issued and the number of seal landings over the years.

Seal market

Learn what seal products are used in Canada and exported around the world. Find out why Canada supports global market access for seal products.

Grey seals and cod

Learn about the impact of grey seals on cod recovery in the southern Gulf of the St. Laurence.

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