Electronic Logbooks

Open: Client Application Qualification Program - Enrollment

Electronic logbooks client applications (ELOGS) enable fish harvesters to enter and transmit fishing catch and effort information to Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) using electronic files. To date, fish harvesters have generally reported this information using paper documents.

National implementation of ELOGS will allow both fish harvesters and DFO to take advantage of innovative technology to facilitate a more effective management of catch and effort information, and modernize the way we do business. 

DFO will begin national implementation of ELOGS in a small number of commercial fisheries in 2018 (phase 1 fisheries). Using a flexible approach, DFO will then expand implementation to most commercial fisheries across Canada.

Development and Qualification of ELOGS Client Applications

ELOGS client applications will be developed by third parties, and validated by DFO:

Expected Timelines

Client Application Qualification Program - Enrollment

To ensure that fishers can select a client application with confidence, DFO has developed a qualification program that will identify which client applications have met the departmental standard.

To participate in the program, interested parties must submit a letter to DFO seeking enrollment. Information requirements of this letter can be found in the Client Application Qualification Program or by using the Letter of Interest Template.

Following enrollment, interested parties will receive a confirmation email containing further instructions and technical documentation required for development of ELOG client applications.

Enrolled parties will also be notified in advance of the opening of the Qualification Process, including transmission testing and review of test scripts, which is currently scheduled for December 2017. Successful completion of the Qualification Process will result in an application being qualified for use by DFO.