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The Department’s licensing services are now provided online through the National Online Licensing System.

The system is designed to allow you to perform your licensing transactions online:

  • On your own behalf
  • As a representative of a DFO client
  • On behalf of an Organization

The system applies to holders of fishing licences managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, including:

  • holders of commercial licences
  • holders of commercial-communal licences
  • holders of recreational fishing licences in Eastern Canada (Atlantic Canada and Quebec)
  • International fishers and registered fish harvesters (including crew members)

1st Time Users

The first step for a new user of any kind is to register on the system.

Some helpful tools to help you register:

Using the System – Helpful Tools

Once you are registered on the system, you can perform all of your licensing transactions online. This includes:

  • Paying the fees associated with your fishing licence(s), vessel(s), or fisher registration card(s)
  • Submitting licensing requests such as vessel transfers, etc.
  • Printing your licensing documentation
  • Appointing a representative to do business for you
  • Appointing an individual to do business on behalf of your Organization

Below you will find a number of tools that will help you navigate the system and perform the licensing transactions that you require.

Nine detailed Step-by-Step Guides:

  1. Getting your GCKey (PDF version)
  2. Recovering an Online Profile (PDF version)
  3. Appointing a Representative (PDF version)
  4. Renewing your Licence and Paying Your Fees (PDF version)
  5. Printing Licence-related Documents (PDF version)
  6. Getting a Delegation Code or a Public Identifier (PDF version)
  7. Self-registration – Registering a DFO Online Profile (PDF version)
  8. Submitting a Request and Checking the Request Status (PDF version)
  9. Organization Management (PDF version)

Frequently Asked Questions

User Training Manual:

The User Training Manual provides detailed information about all features of the system.

Fisheries-related organizations may also want to use the following materials to help their members register and use the national online licensing system:


National Online Licensing System! (PDF document)
Use this poster to remind your clients that licensing transactions must be done online using the system.

Web graphic:

National Online Licensing System!

Online Licensing - Register today

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