Commercial fishery requirements



Logbook keeping is mandatory under Section 61 of the Fisheries Act. Fish harvesters are required to record information about fishing catch and effort, and submit this data in logbooks or combined forms as specified in the conditions of licence. Fish harvesters are responsibile for obtaining their own logbooks and/or combined forms.

Gear Tags and Tabs

Gear tags and tabs are required in some Canadian commercial fisheries. Fish harvesters are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own gear tags and tabs, through an approved tag supplier. Fisheries and Oceans Canada is working with industry to determine where gear tags are still required.

At-Sea Monitoring

Canada's At-Sea Observer Program places certified private-sector observers aboard fishing vessels to: monitor fishing activities; collect scientific data; and monitor industry compliance with fishing regulations and licence conditions. Commercial harvesters in Canada are responsible for engaging and covering the cost of at-sea observers and electronic monitoring programs.