Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing is popular with Canadians and tourists, and an estimated 3.2 million people participate in this leisure activity each year, generating approximately $7.5 billion for various local economies. Canadians also enjoy the social benefits of recreational fishing.

Recreational fisheries management promotes public awareness and community stewardship for the conservation and sustainable use of fisheries resources.


Fishing Licensing and Regulations
Plan to go fishing in Canada? Make sure to check out the regulations for the province/territory in which you intend to fish.

National Recreational Fisheries Awards
Know of someone who has contributed to conserving or sustaining recreational fisheries in Canada? Consider naming them for an award.

Report a Fisheries Violation
Keep in mind that fisheries stewardship requires the involvement of everyone. Reporting a fisheries violation is as easy as picking up the phone.

Statistics - Recreational Fishing
Results from the National Recreational Fishing Surveys and other data can be found here.