Marine Mammal Response Program

There are a wide range of human activities that affect marine mammals and sea turtles including:

  • Fishing activities;
  • Marine traffic;
  • Noise;
  • Coastal development; and,
  • Pollution.

Fisheries and Oceans is responsible for assisting marine mammals and sea turtles in distress. In collaboration with conservation groups and non-governmental organizations, the Department supports marine mammal incident response networks in all regions under the umbrella of the Marine Mammal Response Program.

The Marine Mammal Response Program works with partners to:

  • Track and responds to marine mammal entanglements, strandings (dead & live), ship strikes, contaminated animals (oiled), and other threats;
  • Quantify threats affecting marine mammal species, with a special focus on species assessed as at risk;
  • Provide data and information to support Species at Risk recovery planning initiatives, mitigation options, and policy development; and,
  • Coordinate with Conservation and Protection on enforcement cases.

Annual Reports

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