Marine mammals and sea turtles

Species identification, reporting a sighting or incident, the marine mammal response program.

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Services and information

Identify a species

Photos and facts, including conservation information, of marine mammals found in Canadian waters.

Report a sighting or incident

Find contact information for reporting an incident in your region.

Marine mammal response program

The response network that helps marine mammals and sea turtles in distress, annual reports.

Marine mammal working group

Read about the interests and mandate of the working group and the roles and responsibilities of the Chair.

Maritimes Region

Marine mammals and sea turtle species, whale watching guidelines, how to report sightings.

Entangled, injured or dead whales, dolphins or porpoises

How to identify, record and report entangled marine mammals.

How to watch marine wildlife

Guidelines and best practices for observing marine animals in your region.

Why we need whale watching guidelines

The laws and policies that help to protect the safety of marine mammals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers on how to watch whales and marine mammals without disturbing them.

What we are doing

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