Instructions on completing the application form for the Atlantic Fisheries Fund

The following direction will help you fill out your application form for the Atlantic Fisheries Fund.

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Applicant profile

Enter the full legal name of your institution/body/organization and operating name (if different), primary contacts and type of organization.

If the project is selected for funding, you’ll enter into a contribution agreement with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Payments will be made to this institution/body/organization name.

Also provide a general description of your institution/body/organization (or of the group implementing the project). This includes details on the capacity and expertise required to achieve the proposed project results.

Project information

Provide the:

The fund will support proposals under the following 3 areas:

  1. innovation
  2. infrastructure
  3. science partnerships

In a few sentences, briefly describe the project and how it relates to 1 of the 3 areas and its eligible activities.


Provide the required information on the principal owners, as well as any parent company, subsidiaries and/or other related businesses.

Governance and management

Provide the:

Required information and documents

Provide copies of:


Provide detailed information on:

The document must have the:

By selecting the checkbox in this section of the application, you confirm that all information contained in the form is accurate and complete.