Atlantic Fisheries Fund

Application and proposal guidelines

Download the Atlantic Fisheries Fund application guide and templates (PDF)

Table of contents

  1. Atlantic Fisheries Fund context
  2. General program information
  3. Evaluation of proposals
  4. Instructions to complete the application form
    1. applicant profile
    2. project information
    3. ownership
    4. governance and management
    5. required Information and documents
    6. disclosures
    7. consent and certification
  5. Instructions to complete proposals
    1. innovation
    2. infrastructure
    3. science partnerships

The following information provides applicants with an overview of the Atlantic Fisheries Fund (“AFF”) and guidance on submitting an application form and developing an appropriate accompanying proposal. Applicants are required to submit both as part of the AFF application process. Should your project meet with the program’s requirements and is approved as a project, you will be contacted by the AFF Secretariat’s  office to develop a contribution agreement. All sections of the application form as well as the proposal must be completed to be considered for funding under the AFF.

Information provided to the AFF secretariat (collected by DFO) will be treated in accordance with the Access to Information Act, the Privacy Act as well as provincial and territorial legislation.

1. Atlantic Fisheries Fund context

The AFF is intended to help transform and drive innovation in Atlantic Canada’s fish and seafood sector and to bring high value, high quality, and sustainable fish and seafood to markets at home and around the world. In Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island the AFF supports:

Atlantic Canada-based commercial enterprises, including fishers, aquaculturists and seafood processors, industry associations and other non-profits, universities and academics, Indigenous groups, and other organizations, including research institutions and provincial crown corporations, are all eligible for AFF funding.

Program objective

The objectives of the contribution program are to:

The AFF will align with and contribute to the five pillars of the Atlantic Growth Strategy (AGS) in order to advance the AGS objectives.

2. General program information

To be eligible for AFF funding, you must:

In addition, you must be a:


Eligible activities

The program supports projects that focus on the AFF partnership’s commitment to address innovation in Atlantic Canada’s fish and seafood sector as it transitions to meet growing market demand for high quality, sustainably sourced products.

The fund will support proposals under the following three pillars:

Innovation pillar

The following activities are eligible for innovation funding:

Infrastructure pillar

The following activities are eligible for infrastructure funding:

Science partnerships pillar

The following activities are eligible for science partnerships funding:

3. Evaluation of proposals

Each proposal will be initially screened to determine if it meets the minimum requirements to be considered an eligible AFF project. The initial review will assess:

When funding is determined to be available within the program, and eligibility criteria have been met, projects will be assessed based on the following criteria:

4. Instructions to complete the Application form

  1. Applicant profile
    Enter the full legal name of your institution/body/organization and operating name if different, primary contacts and type of organization. If the project is selected for funding, you will enter into a contribution agreement with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and payments will be made to this institution/body/organization name. A general description of your institution/body/organization (or on the group implementing the project) must also be provided, including details on the capacity and expertise required to achieve the proposed project results.
  2. Project information
    Provide the physical location of the project, project name, estimated total project costs, funding amount requested from the AFF, estimated start and completion dates. In a few sentences, briefly describe the project and linkage to one of the three AFF pillars.
  3. Ownership
    Provide the required information on the principal owners, as well any parent company, subsidiaries and/or other related businesses.
  4. Governance and management
    Provide the names of all directors/members of the board, key management personnel, and the names and contact information for professional advisors, including the requested banking information for your financial institution.
  5. Required information and documents
    Provide copies of incorporation documents, historical and current financial statements, supplier quotes for the project's major cost items, and if necessary and relevant operating permits and licenses.
  6. Disclosures
    Provide as much information as possible for potential environmental impact, as well as possible engagement with indigenous groups or communities. Provide detailed information on any current or pending legal actions or litigation, any defaults for contracts or other financing arrangements, and any current arrears for any form of government taxes or payroll deductions. If you have applied for or received any other government (municipal, provincial or federal) funding for this project please provide details.
  7. Consent and certification
    Be sure to provide a signature and printed name and title of an authorized official signatory and date and location on the document. By selecting the checkbox, you confirm that all information contained in the AFF form is accurate and complete.

5. Instructions to complete proposals

For all application types, submit completed forms, proposals (both paper and electronic copies on memory stick) and supporting documents to:

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Maritimes Region
1 Challenger Dr.,
Dartmouth, NS
Canada B2Y 4A2
Attention: Atlantic Fisheries Fund-Polaris-P430

Innovation pillar proposals

Infrastructure pillar proposals

Science partnership pillar proposals