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Fisheries and Oceans Canada's (DFO's) fisheries management program works to provide Canadians with a sustainable fishery resource that provides for an economically viable and diverse industry. Protection and conservation of fisheries resources are a key component of fisheries management. DFO manages fisheries according to credible, science-based, affordable and effective practices.

Fisheries (By Type)

Aboriginal Fisheries
Programs, Legislation and Policy

Commercial Fisheries
Regulations and Legislation, Statistics, Openings and Closures, Management Plans, Policies

Recreational Fishing
Regulations, Statistics, Openings and Closures, Awards

Fisheries (By Region)

General Info, Groundfish, Herring, Salmon, Shellfish, Recreational Fishing

Central and Arctic
General Info

General Info, Recreational Fisheries

General Info

General Info, Fisheries Management Plans, Herring Fishery, Quota Monitoring, Orders Registry

Newfoundland and Labrador
General Info, Angling, Groundfish

Fisheries Management

Resource Management
Approach and Priorities, Legislation and Activities, Fisheries Programs and Initiatives, Fisheries Management Policies, Integrated Fisheries Management Plans, Species at Risk

Compliance and Enforcement
General Info, Report a Fisheries Violation, Fishery Officer Careers, Charges and Convictions

International Issues
Overfishing, International Fishing Agreements and Treaties