Sustainable Fisheries Framework Work Plan


In 2017, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) developed three work plans in response to Recommendation 2.28, 2.63 and 2.65 in the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development’s (CESD)’s October 2016 Report 2: Sustaining Canada’s major fish stocks – Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Since its inception, the work plans have been an essential tool in working towards implementation of these CESD recommendations, as well as implementation of the Sustainable Fisheries Framework as a whole. With this, the work plans have evolved into the Sustainable Fisheries Framework Work Plan (SFF Work Plan) format you see today.

The SFF Work Plan is developed and reported on annually so that Canadians can learn about DFO’s priorities and targets with regards to the sustainable management of our marine resources.          





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