Sustainable Fisheries Solutions and Retrieval Support Contribution Program (Ghost Gear Fund)

This program supports Canada's commitment to preventing and mitigating the risk of ghost fishing and encouraging the development of sustainable fishing practices. In particular, as it applies to abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) domestically and abroad. This work is being carried out as part of the Government of Canada's broader commitments to support National and International efforts to reduce:

It will contribute $8.3 million over 2 years (2020-2022) to support projects which fall under 4 themes, or pillars of activities.

Purpose of the contribution program

The purpose of the SFSRS Contribution Program is to encourage the sustainable management of Canada's fisheries, Indigenous fisheries programs, aquaculture activities and support commercial fishing harbours to take concrete actions to support ALDFG prevention, retrieval and responsible disposal. ALDFG retrieval programs are required to take place outside of active fishing seasons. It will also support fish harvesters to acquire new gear technologies to reduce the occurrence of gear loss.

Program pillars

Approved projects will be funded based on activities under the following four pillars:


Eligible recipients must fall under one of the following categories where they contribute to research, development, management, conservation, harvesting, protection or promotion of fisheries and oceans resources;


Funding from the contribution program will be available for a 2 year period starting in 2020 with support available from July 2020 - March 2022.

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