Comment on a regulatory proposal regarding fish stocks and rebuilding plans

Current status: Closed

This consultation ran from December 6, 2018, to February 15, 2019.

We sought feedback on the proposed elements of a regulation, which has 2 parts:

  1. a list of major fish stocks that will be subject to the fish stocks provisions (Section 6.1 to 6.2) in Bill C-68 once the bill becomes law
  2. the required contents of rebuilding plans and the timelines to complete them

Who was the focus of this consultation

We sought feedback from:

Why we’re developing this proposed regulation

Once Bill C-68 becomes law, the proposed fish stocks provisions will only apply to major fish stocks prescribed by regulation. The first part of the proposed regulation includes the first batch of these stocks.

For the second part of the proposed regulation, the fish stocks provisions require that Fisheries and Oceans Canada develop a rebuilding plan when a stock has become depleted and declined below its limit reference point.

The proposed regulation will set out the required contents of rebuilding plans and the timelines to develop them. We already have a policy and guidelines that set out these requirements:

The elements of the regulation about the requirements for rebuilding plans will draw on these policy requirements as a starting point. Bill C-68 includes new authority to allow the Governor in Council to make regulations respecting the rebuilding of fish stocks.

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