Departmental Performance Report 2011-12

Results and Performance

Program Sub-activity 1.3.3 - Strategies and Governance


This program provides policy advice on Aboriginal fishing issues, negotiates agreements on the management of Aboriginal fisheries, and integrates agreements into overall management frameworks. The program provides effective advice and support for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada on land claims and self-government, through mandate development with regard to the identification of aquatic resource allocations and habitat protection provisions, oceans, etc.

2011-12 Financial Resources ($ millions)

Planned Spending Total Authorities* Actual Spending*
14.8 15.2 12.0

* Excludes amount deemed appropriated to Shared Services Canada.

2011-12 Human Resources (FTEs

Planned Actual Difference
Human resource information is not available at this level; however, resources are included in the total for the associated program activity.

Performance Measurement

Target Actual Result
Signed treaty agreements with Fisheries and Oceans Canada provisions align with the Department's policies and objectives and accommodate interests of Aboriginal groups Number of treaty negotiations with active fisheries table 14 by
March 31, 2013
Result: 7
Participated in all active fisheries negotiations. British Columbia treaty negotiations deferred because of the Cohen Commission. Atlantic negotiations deferred pending approval of negotiation mandate.
Number of treaties being implemented with Fisheries and Oceans Canada provisions 26 by
March 31, 2013
Result: 24
Implemented all fisheries provisions of Final Agreements.
Co-management bodies (e.g., wildlife management boards/joint technical fisheries committees) with fisheries responsibilities are established consistent with the provisions in the treaty Percentage of treaties groups with established co-management bodies 100% by
March 31, 2013
Result: 100%
Fisheries access allocated to First Nations/Inuit pursuant to treaty Final Agreement Percentage of treaties groups with access allocated consistent with treaty provisions 100% by
March 31, 2013
Result: 100%

The Strategies and Governance sub-activity is part of the Aboriginal Strategies and Governance program activity.