Departmental Performance Report 2011-12

Results and Performance

Program Sub-activity 1.3.1 - Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy


The Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy program is a contribution program within the Integrated Aboriginal Contribution Management Framework. One main over-arching goal of the framework is to assist Aboriginal organizations to develop capacity to more effectively participate in aquatic resource and oceans management multi-stake holder processes. The Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy program encourages and enables the establishment of relationships with Aboriginal people, provides a mechanism for Fisheries and Oceans Canada to address its legal obligations, and promotes stable and orderly fisheries management for the benefit of all Canadians. Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy specifically applies where the Department manages the fishery and where land claims settlements have not already put in place fisheries management frameworks, and provides the framework for the provision of access for food, social and ceremonial purposes, consistent with the Supreme Court of Canada's Regina vs. Sparrow (1990) decision. Via Comprehensive Fisheries Agreements and Project Funding Agreements, which describe the terms and conditions for food, social and ceremonial fishing (e.g., management roles, administration, monitoring and enforcement, education and awareness initiatives), and which are negotiated between Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Aboriginal Organizations, other broader objectives of the program, including the following, are met: providing Aboriginal groups with an opportunity to participate in the management of their fisheries, thereby improving their skills and capacity to manage the fisheries; contributing to the economic sustainability of Aboriginal communities through fisheries-related activities; and providing a foundation for the development of treaties and self-government agreements.

2011-12 Financial Resources ($ millions)

Planned Spending Total Authorities* Actual Spending*
33.1 28.0 30.3

* Excludes amount deemed appropriated to Shared Services Canada.

2011-12 Human Resources (FTEs

Planned Actual Difference
Human resource information is not available at this level; however, resources are included in the total for the associated program activity.

Performance Measurement

Target Actual Result
Aboriginal communities have the capacity to participate in the management of their own food, social, and ceremonial fisheries Number of Aboriginal Fisheries Authorities with an Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy agreement 135 by
March 31, 2013
Result: 134
Number of Aboriginal groups issued a communal licence for food, social, and ceremonial or communal commercial fisheries purposes 260 by
March 31, 2013
Result: 260
Annual Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy agreements signed Number of signed Aboriginal Fishery Strategy agreements 135 by
March 31, 2013
Result: 134

The Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy sub-activity is part of the Aboriginal Strategies and Governance program activity.