Research Document - 1999/079

Reconstruction of B.C. sablefish stocks, 1996-1998 and catch projections for 1999, using an integrated catch-age recapture model with area and depth movement.

By V. Haist, D. Fournier and M.W. Saunders


This paper represents a major assessment for sablefish. The assessment is based on an integrated catch-age, mark-recapture model that is stratified by area and depth. The unified approach is a significant improvement over the previous assessment that analyzed catch-at-age and tagging data separately. Estimates of available biomass in 1997 range from 43,400 to 51,300t. A recommended yield range of 2,977t-5,052t was developed based on deterministic projections using varying levels of recruitment and target F levels based on the current F (Current), 0.8F(currrent) and 1.2F(current) . Under all scenarios with average or below average levels of recruitment the stock is predicted to decline slowly. We recommend a yield level be chosen from low-average recruitment options.

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