Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat
Policy on the translation of documents

1. Policy Title

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) policy on the translation of documents.

2. Effective Date

This policy is effective November 10, 2011.

3. Policy Objective

The objective of this policy is to present the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat commitment to provision of CSAS products in both official languages.

4. Policy Statement

CSAS publications are not all readily available in both official languages. All publications that are available in one official language only, can be made available in the other official language upon request to the Secretariat.

5. Context

The CSAS publishes a large quantity of highly technical peer-reviewed scientific reports.

The Secretariat has a notice on its website notifying users that all technical publications and links of interest throughout the site may not be available in both official languages, especially noting those links that connect users to external or non-governmental sites. Research Documents are generally published in the language chosen by the authors.

On the CSAS Internet site, the active offer below is presented with all Research Documents and Proceedings which are typically unilingual publications:

Active offer to produce in both official languages:

This report uses scientific and technical terms and is published in the official language of the working group or scientific expert that produced the document. If this document is not accessible to you in the official language of your choice, please contact the Secretariat.

Table 1 below presents the minimum commitment to provision of CSAS documents in both official languages for regional, zonal or national processes.

Table 1: Current standards for bilingual (French, English) content of CSAS documents

Standard Regional Zonal National
Terms of Reference Whole document Whole document Whole document
Research Documents Abstract only Abstract only Abstract only
Proceedings Summary only Summary only Whole document
Science Advisory Reports & Science Responses Whole document Whole document Whole document

6. Application and authority

Questions on the policy may be addressed by mail or e-mail to:

Director, Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat
Oceans and Science Sector
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
200 Kent St.
Ottawa, ON,
Canada K1A 0E6

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