Policies and guidelines

Policy on Distribution of Publications
The Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) is committed to distributing scientific publications to clients in an efficient, cost-effective way. Read how CSAS documents became available in electronic format.
Policy on Observers
The goal of the science peer-review and analyses processes is to provide high quality scientific guidance through rigorous analysis and challenge. Learn more about the role of participants in CSAS science peer-review processes.
Policy on Publication of Non-CSAS Documents on the CSAS Website
CSAS only publishes documents that have been peer reviewed. Read about the CSAS standards for publishing scientific advice.
Policy on the Principle of Consensus
CSAS peer-review meeting conclusions and final scientific advice are reached through consensus. Learn how conflicting interpretations and opinions during scientific peer-review processes are considered in reaching a consensus conclusion.
Policy on the Translation of Documents
We have revised our policy, CSAS documents are now published in both official languages. Find out more about our policy here. If a document is not accessible to you in the official language of your choice, please contact the Secretariat.
Policy on Timelines for Submission and Publication of Documents
Publication deadlines are necessary to move the process forward. Learn the dates for requesting advice and submitting reports, as well as other tasks.
Science Response Process (SRP)
Some requests for scientific information require a special set of procedures. Learn about the rationale for applying SRPs, and their minimum standards.
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