Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat
Policy on Distribution of Publications

1. Policy Title

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) Policy on distribution of publications

2. Effective Date

This policy is effective May 1, 2010

3. Policy Objective

To ensure the CSAS of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) publications are distributed to clients in a cost-effective manner while meeting federal obligations under the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada.

4. Policy Statement

CSAS publications are available in electronic format only.

5. Context

CSAS printing costs increased consistently over the last few years, mainly as a result from the increased number of requests for advice and the associated publications as well as from increasing cost of production.

As stipulated in the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada (2004): responsible use of public funds to obtain maximum value for taxpayer investments is a fundamental requirement in all communication activities.

CSAS publications are all accessible on the Secretariat’s Web site ( for download. CSAS clients can also be informed of the release of new CSAS publications by email upon request to the CSAS Secretariat.

The Guide for the Production of Fisheries and Oceans Canada Reports (2003) states that electronic publication is an efficient, cost-saving method of disseminating departmental information. If a report is available to the public electronically, there are no specific requirements to print and distribute hard copies of the documents for general distribution.

The Council of Fisheries and Oceans Libraries (COFOL) have established a procedure to store electronic copies of departmental publications and make them available to the public.

DFO Communications Branch at Headquarters manages the mandatory distribution for publications, including the requirements of the Depository Services Program (DSP), National Library of Canada, and DFO Libraries. For electronic publications, Communications Branch at Headquarters will distribute a hard copy print-out of the publication, as well as the URL, to the appropriate organizations.

6. Application and authority

Questions on the policy may be addressed by mail or e-mail to:

Director, Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat
Oceans and Science Sector
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
200 Kent St.
Ottawa, ON,
Canada K1A 0E6

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