Fishery Officer Career: Training and Recruitment

A GT-02 Fishery Officer Trainee Selection Process is currently underway, however it is too late to apply (Deadline to apply was: March 6, 2017).

Training Program

The Department recruits and develops candidates to become Fishery Officers. Successful candidates are initially recruited as Cadets and progress from the GT-02 to GT-04 group and level contingent upon successful classroom and field training. Training is for a duration of approximately 34 months through the departmental "Fishery Officer Career Progression Program" (FOCPP).

The FOCPP classroom training portion is approximately 18 weeks. Skills are acquired in areas such as fish identification, fishing gear, marine emergency duties, acts and regulations, enforcement methods and use of force (including firearms training and mandatory exposure to OC spray). The training is delivered in government facilities such as the Coast Guard College in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The last ten-week component of the training is delivered at the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Candidates may be required to reimburse part of the travel, room and board, and other costs related to their FOCPP classroom training if they:

  1. voluntarily leave the classroom training program before its completion; or
  2. successfully complete the classroom training but refuse a Fishery Officer position; or
  3. accept a Fishery Officer position but voluntarily leave the position before having completed at least 30 months of employment (or their initial term of employment if less than 30 months).

Training Allowance, Salary and Benefits

Cadets receive a training allowance of $350.00 per week for the duration of the classroom training. The following will be deducted from the training allowance at source: income tax, unemployment insurance, Canada/Quebec pension plan deductions and $90.00 per week for room and board. Cadets will not be paid during the break between each component of the training program. Upon successful completion of the classroom training, cadets are appointed to a GT-02 Fishery Officer position and have to successfully complete 30 months of field training in order to be appointed to a GT-04 position.

The FOCPP is a training program with a three-level classification structure (GT-02 to GT-04). Associated salary scales (under review) are: 

GT-02: $47 005 to $53 133
GT-03: $52 567 to $59 605
GT-04: $59 227 to $67 340

Once you become a public service employee with six months of experience, you are entitled to receive the following benefits:

Recruitment Projections

A total of 86 new Fishery Officers were hired and trained over the last five years.

Here are the recruitment projections for 2017 (these figures may change throughout the year).

Region Number of positions
to be filled
Newfoundland and Labrador 0
Maritimes (Nova Scotia and southern New Brunswick) 0
Gulf (Prince Edward Island, eastern New Brunswick and western Nova Scotia) 0
Quebec 0
Central and Arctic (Prairies, Ontario, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories) 0
Pacific (British Columbia and Yukon) 0
Total *60
* Regional allocation to be determined.

An excellent vehicle to be informed about Fishery Officer Trainee competitions is to subscribe to "Job Alert." This way, you will be notified by email each time a Fishery Officer Trainee competition is opened.

To subscribe, go to Job Bank.

We suggest that you use the following keywords: Fishery Officer Trainee.

Please note that only persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad are eligible to apply for a Fishery Officer position and participate in the 18 week classroom training program.

How to Apply

All Fishery Officer positions are announced via the Public Service Commission's website or you can call their InfoTel Service (see your phone directory).

Further Information

For more information, please contact the nearest Regional Recruitment and Training Manager.