Is this a career for me?

Self-Assessment Questionnaire - Fishery Officer Position

The Fishery Officer position can be very challenging and rewarding, especially if you enjoy the enforcement world and the outdoors. On a single day, you could visit schools in the morning to promote the protection and conservation of fish and fish habitat, and in the afternoon, participate to an air or sea patrol to locate vessels in a closed fishing area or patrol a shellfish harvesting area using an all terrain vehicle.

However, as there are several requirements associated to this type of position, we recommend that you take a few minutes to complete the following self-assessment questionnaire before you apply for a fishery officer position. This questionnaire will give you a good idea of what is required and what is expected of a fishery officer.

This questionnaire is for your own information only. Do not forward it with your application.

1. Are you willing to live and work in an isolated location (including a remote arctic community) where public and commercial services (schools, stores etc) as well as employment opportunities for spouses are often limited?
2. Are you willing and able to work and/or travel at sea or by air over a variety of terrains and degrees of isolation for extended periods of time in all weather conditions?
3. Are you willing to work away from home for extended periods of time?
4. Are you willing and able to work various shifts on rotation, on weekends, on statutory holidays, and overtime?
5. Do you have the self-confidence to be assertive when dealing with an aggressive or abusive individual?
6. Are you prepared to apply as much physical force as necessary when dealing with a violent individual?
7. Are you prepared to carry a firearm and use it if required to protect yourself, your colleagues or the public?
8. Are you scrupulously honest and do you respect the law in both behavior and attitude (i.e. have never committed a serious crime)?
9. Have you always conducted yourself in an honest and proper manner in accordance with acceptable standards of conduct for someone who aspires to a peace officer position?
10. Are you willing to abide by the DFO Values and Ethic Code which applies to Fishery Officer's on and off-duty activities and accept the extra demands a peace officer position may place on your lifestyle?
11. Are you a team player and do you generally get along with your supervisors and colleagues?
12. Are you able to deal with people in a respectful and professional manner under stressful situations?
13. Are you willing to attend the 18 week in-residence recruit training program, including ten weeks of intense enforcement training delivered by the RCMP in Regina, Saskatchewan, which is highly physically demanding and where you will be trained to use the issued service pistol and shotgun and get mandatory exposure to OC spray?
14. Are you willing to live on a weekly allowance of $350.00 (less $90.00 for the room and board) during the 18 week in-residence program?

If you answered “YES” to all of the above questions and you feel that you are ready to take on the challenges and responsibilities of a fishery officer, you may want to apply on the next GT-02 Fishery Officer Trainee Selection Process.

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, you should further consider if this job is really for you.