Canadian Aquaculture R&D Review 2007

Welcome to the on-line version of The Canadian Aquaculture R&D Review 2007

This publication features nearly 200 ‘state-of-the-science’ aquaculture research projects that have been underway across Canada since 2005. These projects provide invaluable knowledge that contributes to the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry either through innovative advances in technology, species diversification, improved production practices and much more. The topics are sub-divided into categories to allow you to go directly to specific areas of interest.

Publications like the R&D Review showcase the innovation, dedication and professionalism of the many scientists, technicians, research assistants, and students who produce the knowledge, and connect it with those who benefit from the knowledge – governments, industry, and communities.

We are working on building links from the stories in the R&D Review to the species profiles featured on this website. We encourage you to visit the finfish and shellfish species profiles while we continue to strengthen these information linkages.

The Canadian Aquaculture R&D Review is the result of close collaboration between a number of parties including industry, federal and provincial governments and the research community. We wish to acknowledge and thank the British Columbia Aquaculture Research and Development Committee, the Fisheries and Oceans Canada Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program, AquaNet, the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Marine Biosciences, Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation and Reseau Aquaculture Quebec for their permission to post the R&D Review to the DFO website.