Validated indicators, thresholds, and monitoring protocols for each of the Pathways of Effects (POEs) endpoints for shellfish aquaculture



The aquaculture Pathways of Effects (POEs) describe the linkages between aquaculture activities and their potential effects on the environment. Building on these interactions, potential indicators, and mitigation options can be identified and assessed. POEs for both finfish and shellfish aquaculture were reviewed in 2009 (Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat Science Advisory Report - CSAS-SAR 2009/071) and provide the scientific basis for management decisions under the Fisheries Act. In 2012, the Fisheries Act was amended to focus on protecting and ensuring the sustainability and ongoing productivity of commercial, recreational, and Aboriginal fisheries. Consequently, this project will review the shellfish aquaculture POEs that were previously scientifically validated for aquaculture under the old regulatory framework, within the context of these changes to the Act. As part of this review, additional activities or stressors may be identified for shellfish aquaculture POEs. Additionally, a review of impact indicators and respective monitoring protocols will be conducted for each of the POE endpoints. Thresholds previously established for harmful alteration, disruption or destruction (HADD) of fish habitat will also be reviewed to determine their suitability in predicting potential impacts to the productivity of commercial, recreational, or Aboriginal fisheries. If these thresholds are not adequate, the present analysis will review the suitability of various indicator species and suggest their use in future studies to test their suitability as indicators for shellfish aquaculture POE endpoints and to establish new threshold values.





Program Name

Program for Aquaculture Regulatory Research (PARR)


2015 - 2016


Atlantic: Gulf of St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence Estuary

Principal Investigator(s)

Monica Boudreau
Aquatic Science Biologist, Gulf Fisheries Centre
343 University Ave., Moncton, New Brunswick

Team Member(s)

Thomas Landry