Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative

Aboriginal communities are in a unique position to benefit from sustainable aquaculture development due to their aquatic resources, rights, and special access to aquaculture development sites. As was heard through the Aboriginal Aquaculture Engagement Initiative  (AAEI), an increasing number of Aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs are expressing interest to explore opportunities in the aquaculture sector.

The Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative (AACI), funded through the Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI), supports Aboriginal economic development in Canada’s aquaculture sector. Developed in partnership with Aboriginal organizations, the AACI provides interested Aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs with support in the form of technical business expertise to develop viable aquaculture business development plans and to help bring those plans to fruition.

AACI Brochure (3,271 kb PDF)

For more information contact the Aquaculture Business Development Team in your region:

For Western Canada and the North (BC, AB, NT, NV and YK):
Aboriginal Aquaculture Association (AAA)
Website:             www.aboriginalaquaculture.com
Telephone:         (250)-286-9939
Email:                 info@aboriginalaquaculture.com

For Central Canada (MB, ON and SK):
Waubetek Business Development Corporation
Website:             www.waubetek.com/article/welcome-1.asp
Telephone:         (705) 285-4275
Email:                 tgordon@waubetek.com

For Eastern Canada (NB, NL, NS, PE and QC):
Ulnooweg Development Group
Website:            www.ulnooweg.ca
Telephone:         (902) 893-7379
Email:                 info@ulnooweg.ca

The Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative forms part of the continuing effort to foster partnerships with First Nations and Aboriginal communities as emphasized at the Crown–First Nations Gathering in January 2012. First Nation leaders and the Government of Canada agree that economic development is a key priority for improving the lives of Aboriginal peoples and their families. A way forward to contribute to the economic prosperity of Aboriginal Canadians is laid out in the principles and approaches described in the Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development.

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