Apply to the Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program: 5. Evaluation

5. Evaluation

We’ll review application forms and project proposal templates to make sure they meet eligibility and other requirements for funding. This evaluation includes checking:

  • your:
    • eligibility
    • ability to start and successfully complete the project
  • that the project proposal:
    • is for an eligible activity
    • addresses program objectives
    • is of overall quality and is feasible
    • generates environmental benefits to the sector
    • includes a cash contribution by your company
    • includes a minimum of 10% provincial or territorial funding

Financial leverage from other sources outside the Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program is a key consideration. Projects with multiple and greater sources of funding may rank higher than those without.

Evaluation criteria

Key criteria that will be considered in examining your proposal include:

  • technical and financial feasibility
  • potential long-term sustainability
  • alignment and support for federal, provincial/territorial priorities, such as:
    • job creation in remote communities
    • Indigenous employment
    • environmental protection
  • value for the money, such as:
    • benefits to multiple versus single producers
    • geographic scope, such as local, regional/provincial or national application
  • identification of specific environmental benefits, such as:
    • energy savings
    • improvements in wastewater quality
  • clear details on how savings will be measured, such as kWh or litres of water
  • other performance measures that may include provincial requirements, such as jobs created

Our project review template will help you prepare your proposal.

We'll contact you to develop a contribution agreement if:

  • your project meets the program's requirements
  • we approve your funding