Apply to the Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program: 3. Eligible activities

3. Eligible activities

Eligible activities under the program include putting into effect market-ready:

  • clean processes
  • clean technologies
  • sustainable practices, such as protocols and harvesting techniques aimed at improving the day-to-day environmental performance operations of:
    • wild capture harvesting
    • aquaculture facilities
    • fisheries processing plants

Funding can also be used to support the adoption of clean technologies and measures used in other jurisdictions in order to use them in Canadian operating conditions.

Ineligible activities

To be considered for funding, proposals must meet basic eligibility criteria and align with the spirit and intent of the program. This intent is to enhance the adoption of market-ready clean technologies into the day-to-day operations of existing aquaculture, wild capture fisheries or fish processing sectors to improve their environmental performance and global competitiveness.

Accordingly, funding isn’t available for:

  • research and development activities
  • fisheries, aquaculture, processing start-ups or expansion projects
  • major capital purchases, such as buildings and rolling stock
  • facilities improvement not directly tied to the adoption of clean technologies or measures
  • projects that only use fish as part of their production process but aren’t the primary product resulting from the operation