Ocean Scientists

This series of documentaries depicts the lives and scientific contributions of pioneering scientists in marine biology and oceanography in Canada. The series was originally produced between 1994 and 2004 by the First Fisheries Science Documentary Society under the guidance of Department of Fisheries and Oceans scientist Dr. Richard Beamish.

Recommended Links

  • Huntsman: The Fisherman's Friend
    Explore the career of Archibald Huntsman, a strong leader, a pioneering oceanographer and an expert biologist on Atlantic salmon.
  • Kabata: Evolution of a Scientist
    Meet Dr. Bob Kabata, a marine biologist who did pioneering research on how parasites could be used to track fish populations.
  • Ricker: A Passion for Science
    Meet Dr. Bill Ricker, a pioneer in fish stock assessment who taught himself Russian to aid his research and developed the "Ricker Curve," a mathematical model of fish population dynamics.
  • Templeman - A Fisherman's Son
    Learn about the life of Wilfred Templeman, a scientist regarded as the leading pioneer of marine science in Newfoundland who also helped found the International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries.