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An Overview of the Hudson Bay Marine Ecosystem

Chapter Title
1 Introduction
2 Ecological Overview
3 Geology and Physiography
4 Climate
5 Oceanography
6 Plants
7 Invertebrates and Urochordates
8 Fishes
9 Mammals
10 Birds
11 Human Occupation
12 Protected Areas and Sensitive Habitats
13 Ecosystem Stressors
14 Harvesting
15 Economic Development
16 Contaminants
17 Climate Change
18 Reference List
Appendix 1 Benthic, multicellular algaes reported from Hudson Bay and James Bay.
Appendix 2 A partial listing of invertebrates and urochordates of the James Bay, Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and Foxe Basin marine regions. Updated from Stewart et al. (1993).
Appendix 3 Marine, estuarine and anadromous fishes reported from the James Bay, Hudson Bay, and Hudson Strait marine regions (see Introduction Section 1.0, Figure 1).
Appendix 4 Bird species that use the shorelines and waters of James Bay and Hudson Bay (see explanatory notes below).
Appendix 5 Samples for which metals were determined showing geographic coordinates, depth (m) and proportions of particles of size >2mm, sand, silt and clay.
Appendix 6 Concentrations of metals in samples of clay-size sediment from Hudson Bay (Data from Henderson 1989).
Appendix 7 Pair correlations (r) for Henderson (1989) data; p=probability that correlation is by chance; n=number of pairs.
Appendix 8 Pair correlations (r) for radionuclides and particle sizes in sediments from the area of Rankin Inlet in 1995; p=probability that correlation is by chance; n=number of pairs.
Errata: Figure 3-11. The four dark blue tones in this figure are difficult to distinguish from one another. "Marine mud & sand" are found offshore; "Coarse grained glaciomarine" sediments are found along the coasts of James Bay and southern and western Hudson Bay and on Coats, Mansel, and Baffin islands; and "Lag glaciomarine" sediments are found inland from the Quebec coast of James Bay, in Quebec north of James Bay, on Southampton Island, and around Wager Bay. The "Marine mud" category in the key is a subset of "Marine mud & sand".

  This report may be cited as:
Stewart, D.B., and Lockhart, W.L. 2005. An overview of the Hudson Bay marine ecosystem. Can. Tech. Rep. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 2586: vi + 487 p.


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